You are selling on Ecommerce, WooCommerce or any platform, you wish that you will not ignore any customers when they have come to your product page.

So, how will any customer be attracted and will buy your product?

🔰 Picture of quality products

Customers want to know what they will get, so one of the tactics to increase conversions is to use high quality (high resolution) product images.

Picture of quality products

Please show the product image in many different angles, there is a mode of enlarging the image details, can click and open the whole image.

🔰 Product descriptions are attractive with the main keyword

Product descriptions are attractive with the main keyword

The product description is very important. Its role is to provide enough information to buyers so that they can convince themselves that the purchase decision is right. This content must be complete and complete, not concealing.

There will usually be 1 short version (shortened) and 1 long version.

Product descriptions are attractive with the main keyword

The short version will tell you the core points for selling, often including:

  • Who is this product for?
  • What will it do?
  • Why is it good?

The long version will answer every prospect’s questions. If someone were to read it all and still had doubts, it wouldn’t be. If they are convinced to read-only half the content, they will leave the rest and proceed to order.


Pictures are good, but videos are even better, this is the next step before actually touching or feeling.

🔰 Product on request

Many people like to “level” the product. It creates a sense of real ownership. When you take the time to change the default structure of the product, it is no longer merely a product, it is YOUR product.

🔰 Free delivery

Free delivery

75% of online shoppers prefer free shipping, even for low-value orders.

47% of people said that they would abandon the cart if they were charged for shipping.

Some businesses introduced free delivery, the conversion rate increased by 50%.

You can still charge for shipping, but you must mention this fee first, and should also charge a certain amount instead of the fee for each product.

🔰 Special area for discount or promotion

Special area for discount or promotion

If you regularly have deals, promotions, etc., you should create an area for these content (and make it easy to see).

🔰 Reduced shopping cart

Leaving the shopping cart means losing customers who are in the checkout process.

Reduced shopping cart

As many as two-thirds of online shoppers leave a shopping cart before buying.

Research shows that this is strongly related to changing customer behavior:

Once they have a lot of online shopping experience, they tend to compare stores instead of going straight to checkout.

  • HIGH PRICE: if your product is similar to the competition, usually people will choose to follow the wind. If your price is the best, let them know. If not winning, convey the added value.
  • SHIPPING FEE: Do you charge for SHIP? If so, please review this.
  • DEPARTMENT: you require too much data or end the registration
  • DOUBT. Does it fit me? Can I return the item? Whether to use live chat to resolve their concerns.
  • SLOW ACCESS: Speed ​​up your website.

🔰 How to know why customers abandon the cart?

And you can see more about the percentage of customers who have placed merchandise in their cart and left the site without completing the purchase.

One method I mentioned a few days ago is that using heatmap and video recording of the session, you have to spend many hours to research what is the real behavior of customers through this tool.

🔰 Stalk the tail of the cart

An effective way to reduce shopping cart drop rates is by following by email. Some of the best practices in this strategy are:

  • Always collect emails first, in case they leave the cart, you already have an email already.
  • The follow-up email must be sent as soon as possible, send 1-2 follow-up emails after that.
  • Effectively monitor these emails: email open rate, CTR, and conversion rate.

🔰 Save the content of the cart, don’t delete the product.

A common shopping behavior is to put the product in the cart and then come back a few days or weeks later, so have to save the shopping cart cookies so that when they come back still see the selected products.

Another option is to ask customers if they want to save the information.

🔰 Current contact information or open live chat.

This is information that shows confidence that you are a real business.

🔰 Have clear progress notice.

Customers will want to know where they are manipulating, what stage in the entire ordering process. That is why you should display this information during their operations.

🔰 Resolution of division.

If visitors never buy from you, they have something in store. Make a list of obstacles and doubts and solve it on product pages, and right in the cart.

🔰 Support multiple payment methods.

There should be many payment methods for 2 reasons:

  • Many people are afraid to use some of the payment methods on websites they have never bought before.
  • Research shows that 50% of customers will abandon the shopping cart if they do not see their familiar payment method.

🔰 Strong standard declaration.

Do not forget this. When new visitors to your website, they have to calculate what this website is about within seconds.

If you do not clearly show your value proposition, you will lose a lot of potential customers.

🔰 Search better

Half of the visitors browse e-commerce through the search box. In the search box, use auto-suggestions when users enter keywords.

search & filter product woocommerce

🔰 Good filter

The more options you have, the harder it is to choose.

Please solve this with filters. The more options you have, the better filters you need to provide. The filter’s role is to make it easier to find the right product.

🔰 Short register form.

Success in leading customers through the entire payment process depends on the form, the more information fields to fill, the more obstacles.

Short register form for woocommerce

Stick to the core information, don’t ask for unnecessary information or link with social account such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,…

🔰 Simplifying the payment card import.

Many people don’t even know what CVV is or have difficulty finding a credit card number, your job is to make the process as easy as possible.

Simplifying the payment card import

🔰 Alway current shopping content out.

Do not assume that people click the button to add to the shopping cart is done, even if there is a product in the cart, it is unlikely they will buy it.

The solution here is to always show the shopping cart content on any page on the web, constantly reminding them of what they will buy.

🔰 Register account after completing the entire process.

Do not urge customers to sign up for an account, instead of having them sign up (but silently create an account) simply enter your name and email, you automatically generate a password and email them when they complete the order, If you change your information, do it later.

🔰 Review product

Product reviews have a big impact on your purchasing decisions, so collect reviews and post them on your website. Don’t delete negative reviews, they really help with the sale.

🔰 Upsell smart

Cross-selling or selling upsell helps increase the average value of the order. The principle of upselling is to sell only related products, and the price of the products being offered to buy must be cheaper than when buying only each product.

🔰 CTA button – Call to action clear.

The user experience needs to be as smooth as possible. Smooth in the sense that users never have to search for anything. Everything needs to be clear, not the hassle of finding buttons to add to the shopping cart or checkout.

CTA button - Call to action clear

So CTA buttons should be big, clear, and should not use text links. Colors and language on buttons are also important, but you have to test these.

🔰 Allowance before make

If the product you want to buy is out of stock, you can ask them to book in advance so that when it is available, delivery.

There are 23 LATEST ways to increase conversion rates for E-commerce websites.

You can share more of your experience and efficiency in optimizing product pages in general or eCommerce and WooCommerce in particular so that everyone can improve better to increase maximum revenue from customers.

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