Google update the wide-core algorithm in June 2019

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Google has officially announced a large core update. This Google update has been in effect since June 3.

Google only takes about 5 days (from June 3 to June 8) to complete the release of this core update. It takes a long time to release these updates because Google has a lot of servers and data centers around the globe. 5 days for a release is not time-consuming, previous updates have taken weeks, even longer.

At 10 am on Monday, Google announced on Twitter that the update is being applied across Google’s data centers

Google updated the wide-core algorithm in June 2019

In fact, the announcement of this update has been posted on Google Search Liaison’s Twitter page from Sunday, giving advertisers time … 1 day to prepare themselves.

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Tomorrow, we will officially apply a wide core algorithm update, as we have been doing several times a year as before. The official name of this version is Core Update in June 2019. Our guide to these updates is still unchanged. “

After that, Google Search Liaison led a link to a tweet from October 11, 2018, on the topic “Update on updates,” in which Google commented that in wide-core algorithm updates, there was no problem. What specific issues need repair.

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“Sometimes we will make extensive changes on the core algorithm. We announce the changes because the best advice here is that there is nothing specific to “fix” and we don’t want content makers to fix things that aren’t a problem … “

The reason Google said that “there are no specific issues to fix” is because core algorithm updates may not target any specific kind of low-quality content, but focus on lifting High relevance for search results.

When it comes to content quality, many people often talk about getting rid of spam. But in order for users to see relevant search results, the need to do is understand the search query and understand the content at the same time, rather than just removing spam.

In general, these updates are intended to improve the ability of Google to understand search queries, the ability of Google to understand web pages and to connect the two sides to bring search results to the right than.

Some initial influences

So far we have data from Sistrix, RankRanger and SearchMetrics. These data providers own huge data systems about Google rankings, and as a result, sometimes they will detect some changing patterns. Remember that Google listings are extremely large, and the data providers above often have only a small fraction of the entire list when measuring changes.

According to Sistrix, “Recent data clearly shows the impact of the core update. In the daily chart of Toolbox, you can clearly see the changes from June 5 to June 6. ”This is data from Google UK.

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Johannes Beus from Sistrix commented:

“This is not only the first time that Google has announced early on this update, but the areas of the affected domains seem to be much wider than the previous updates.”

Steve Paine from Sistrix also commented: “We are seeing the influence on many YMYL websites, but there are also classic news sites like Daily Mail, retailers and many other areas. It can be seen that this Google core update is wider than the previous rounds. More importantly, changes have occurred immediately after just 24 hours, meaning we have to be prepared with more updates and more extensive changes later. “

Meanwhile, RankRanger measures search results in the US. Here are some data from the beginning of the update

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Mordy Oberstein said from RankRanger.

“The gambling sector is the worst hit, and there are health and finance (although the update has a profound impact across the board),”

According to their data, it seems that while many websites fluctuate in rankings, search sites tend to not move a large number of locations.

Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics revealed: “My initial analysis as part of the March core update was reversed.” Marcus added that these reversals were “not done systematically.” It seems that Google has changed too much for several brand-related factors in the March installment and this is what they reversed. Especially for the health sector, websites that have been falling in the ranks have been increasing slightly. However, in some other areas like UGC or Q&A, I don’t see the same pattern of change. ”

Between the “mind of the storm”, US is also affected. All SEO groups are the words of falling rank, unexpected fluctuations. The common point of the affected projects is that there are some non-formal tricks such as setting up backlinks to forums, profiles, satellite channels to build, buying BPN … The websites using spam link form have dropped. heavily, on the other hand, websites only put a strong internal link.

The websites managed by Cat’s Plugins also meet certain fluctuations

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Google updated the wide-core algorithm in June 2019 shareblogtips 6

Performance chart of functional food websites – Cat’s Plugins customers.

With white hat SEO method, websites at Cat’s Plugins keep good stability in most algorithm updates. It seems that the more update and improved Google is, the more “sweet fruit” is for people who are determined to be white hats.

Notice the Penguin algorithm

Penguin real-time algorithm is part of Google’s core algorithm. Penguin algorithm focuses on solving link problems.

There have been no official announcements about whether the Penguin algorithm belongs to the June 2019 core algorithm update. However, a piece of notable information given by Gary Illyes in March 2019 in the main summary of Pubcon Florida confirmed that the Google team is still improving the Penguin algorithm.

Gary Illyes was asked about the issue of negative SEO and spam attacks, and whether the website owner should refuse to see a lot of unusual links pointing to his site and not his own. should or not, to avoid falling rankings. Gary replied that Google is still working on Penguin real-time algorithms to improve its processing capabilities.

Gary did not announce that we are about to have Penguin update later. This announcement does not mean that improving Penguin is part of the June core algorithm update. We only understand that this is a general announcement that improving the Penguin algorithm is still happening and only that.

Penguin algorithm updates in June, 2019

What to do with the June wide core algorithm update?

The official guide from Google is … to do nothing.

Many publishers and search marketing experts will find this guide difficult to accept. But that is good advice.

Consider a few things below:

  • Google says that we have nothing to fix.
  • Google updates sometimes take 7 to 10 days to influence around. So the best thing is to wait, not to jump to the conclusion that what happened.
  • Google’s extensive core updates are not targeted at any industry. John Mueller has confirmed that the name (thoughtlessly put up) of the “Medic” update, which does not target health-related websites. This is reasonable for a broad core algorithm update. “Broad” here means something at the macro level. Anyone who thinks that a wide-core update is targeting a particular industry group is certainly wrong.
  • It can be said that Google’s broad-core algorithm updates are about relevance. Web site quality is always an important issue, but it has never been the core of the algorithm. Keep in mind that this is a broad core algorithm update, not just a “site quality” update.
  • When exploring why your site is no longer in high rank, do not approach it from an “error finding to fix” perspective. On the other hand, it might be more useful to ask yourself why your site might have been evaluated by Google as no longer relevant (to the search query).
  • Sometimes, having fewer questions about errors on your site is more effective. Instead, wonder what pages are higher in rankings related to search queries than your site.

Don’t worry too much about algorithm updates from Google.

Please do well what you are doing, besides, you can refer to the article: 8 things SEOer needs to do after Google algorithm updates

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