SEOquake Extension: Great tool to check SEO in 2020

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Surely you will agree with me that the job of keyword analysis, research competitors has never been easy. It consumes us for hours, even days.

However, with the help of free web SEO tools, it is different. Not only do you save time, but you can also discover useful information related to SERPs.

What is SEOquake?

SEO Quake

When researching keywords, you often spend hours researching keyword competitiveness through SERP results analysis.

You also need many different metrics related to SERP results to know the fierce competition between the top posts.

And SEOQuake is a useful solution for you.

Feature of SEO Quake

Just install the SEOquake extension, you will save a lot of time. This free extension also gives Alexa rank, domain age, SEMrush ranking, domain information (whois), likes on google, facebook and some other data related to the above results. SERP.

SEOquake is a great support tool for webmasters and SEO professionals with many great uses:

  • Provide SEO overview on any page
  • Search keyword difficulty
  • Analyze external and internal links
  • Detailed analysis of backlink
  • Compare domain and URL
  • Social data

SERP analysis to determine the opponent’s rankings

SERP Overlay:

Just type the keyword into the search bar on Google and the tool will take SERP figures immediately.

The SERP overlay will show up when SEOquake is installed

SEO Quake extension
  1. Keyword Difficulty: Indicates the difficulty of the keyword when competing on the search results by the great competition.
  2. Disable SERP Overlay: enable/disable SERP overlay for the search results page.
  3. Export CSV: Download SERP analysis data for further research.
  4. Page metrics: like backlinks, domain age, facebook share, G + shares, Alexa rank, Semrush rank, and others depending on your settings.



This parameter is subject to change. You can use the list or add it yourself by API.

How to download SEOquake for many different browsers

SEOquake addon Chrome:

Step 1: We can install the tool from SEOquake – Chrome Web Store. Click add to chrome, then add an extension. So you’ve installed SEO quake Chrome already.

seo quake chrome extension

 Install on chrome SEOquake

Select Add extension to complete the installation

Step 2: Access the SEOquake website, click the orange Install SEOquake button, then click the add extension link. SEO plugin has been added to the Chrome browser.

Install SEOquake Firefox

SEOquake addon Firefox:

Access the SeoQuake SEO extension – Add-ons for Firefox. Select Add to Firefox, then click the install button. SEOquake adds on the Firefox tool has been installed successfully.

Click Add to Firefox to install SEOquake

Select install to complete the installation of SEOquake

how to install seoquake-for-firefox-min

SEOquake has been successfully installed

How to use SEOquake and its features

In addition to analyzing SERP data, the SEOquake dashboard also integrates many other great SEOquake features.

  • On-page SEO audit
  • Keyword density
  • Internal and External link
  • Compare URLs

On-page SEO Audit

Perhaps you will overlook many points on the content of the website. This feature will help you detect HTML page errors. We need some page audit tools.


Through the audit, you will know the title length, meta description, image alt tags, HTML / text ratios, and many other on-page SEO standard parameters.

Step 1: Download the page in the browser.

Step 2: Click on the SEOquake icon available on the browser.

Step 3: When the pop-up window opens, click the Diagnosis button.

SEO quake onpage

And you get an audit summary that lists the areas of improvement that are proposed to make your site better.

Keyword density

SEOquake Keyword density

Help you know how the keyword is distributed throughout the page. The keyword will appear in the title, meta description, meta keyword or heading.

This feature also shows the percentage of keyword density and repetition.

  • Step 1: Download the page in the browser
  • Step 2: Click the SEOquake icon button available on the browser.
  • Step 3: When the pop-up window opens, click the Density button.

In addition, we can also know the page information and keyword cloud (keyword cloud)

Internal and External Link

SEOquake Internal và External Link

Internal and External are used to monitor the number of incoming and outgoing links

This plugin feature provides detailed information about internal links pointing to the page and all external links from the pointing out page.

In addition, this extension also shows the number of do-follow/no-follow links, text links, image links, and forms links.

  • Step 1: Download the page in the browser
  • Step 2: Click the SEOquake icon button available on the browser.
  • Step 3: When the pop-up window opens, click the Internal or External button.

Compare URL or Domain

SEOquake Compare URL Domain

SEOquake can also compare different URLs

Sometimes you want to know details about the competitor’s URL or domain. You can get parameters related to the domain link and backlink related parameters pointing to the current link.

From there, you will be able to analyze which domain or URL is more effective.

How to activate/deactivate/remove SEOquake

SEOquake is a great tool for an SEO-er, but sometimes you want to turn it on or off so it’s flexible to access without SERP data appearing.

Disable SEOquake

Disable SEOquake

Button to turn off SEOquake

Once installed, on the left-hand side of the browser window will appear a button to deactivate SEOquake. There is also an additional shortcut on the top right. First click on the SEOquake icon, then you will find the button.

Open SEOquake

Do the same as when turned off.

The shortcut is also the toggle for SEOquake

Remove SEOquake

For Chrome

On the top right hand, the browser window has an exclamation button located below the close button of the window.

Remove SEOquake on chrome

Process of removing SEOquake from Chrome

Go to More Tools, select Extensions. A list of all extensions that have been installed on Chrome will appear. You just need to find the SEO quake tool and press the delete button.

For Firefox

Click the open menu button on the top right-hand side of the browser window. Under this window, click the add-on button. Finally, select Remove. It is done.

Remove SEOquake

The process of removing SEOquake from Firefox

SEOquake is a smart and browser-friendly SEO tool that helps with SEO analysis. However, this tool has limited features for many SEO metrics.

For more parameters like backlink, keyword rank, Alexa rank, and keyword density, you can combine many different free SEO tools to get the best results.

Comment below the article if you have any questions!

Good luck!

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