Top 11 best WordPress SEO plugins to increase traffic in 2020

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WordPress is widely known as an SEO friendly web platform. So to complete the SEO tasks well, using a properly optimized WordPress theme combined with the best WordPress SEO plugins is extremely necessary.

But now with hundreds of SEO plugins available. It seems very difficult to choose the best WordPress SEO plugins.

This article, I have compiled Top 11 best WordPress SEO plugins in 2020 so you can easily choose.

But before exploring the plugins, let me look at SEO trends and current ranking factors.

Trends and factors affecting SEO in 2020

1. Keyword in Title, Description, and Header Tags

The title tag is one of the most effective search signals. It provides the most accurate description of the content of the pages.

Using keywords in titles, meta descriptions and header tags not only helps your website achieve high rankings on SERP but also increases the number of visits by users.

Trends and factors affecting SEO in 2020

2. Content

Content is the king message on blue background
Content is the king message on blue background

Valuable and up-to-date content will cause sympathy for Google. It will help your site rank higher on search results pages.

Today, the requirements of customers are more demanding, not simply basic information.

So good, useful content also helps your page get closer to users. There are even more people sharing, creating more links.

In addition, the content must be long enough to cover many different aspects of the topic. Creating quality content is an essential task to get high rankings on search engines.

3. Speed ​​up a website on mobile devices

With the context of mobile users increasingly and constantly increasing today.

Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project promises to provide mobile users with highly optimized content at lightning-fast speeds.


Basic AMP depends on dedicated HTML files. It is designed to load much faster than standard websites.

With AMP, you can give mobile users a better experience. Along with that you will get more hits and get higher rankings on the search engines.

Is your AMP page valid? Check it now: AMP Test by Google

4. Page speed

Google has shown that page loading speed is one of the main factors determining website rankings.

page speed insight

Quick page loading speed is increasingly focused on google

Time to fast first byte (the time that your browser receives the first byte of information from the server) can positively affect Google’s website indexing.

5. Structured data markup

Structured data marking helps increase your website’s visibility on search engines.

First, it helps Google’s algorithms to understand and index your content more effectively.

Second, it creates an independent structure on the architecture of your website.

Structured data markup

6. Optimize images

In addition to content, images should also be optimized so that they can send search engine related signals through their caption, alt text, and description.

Also, remember that the image must have an appropriate file format and be compressed for the website.

You can use image quality reduction tools online like Online Image Сompressor, TinyPNG or store videos in a third party like youtube, Vimeo, daily video, .. to slow down your website speed.

7. Internal links


Using internal links brings a lot of benefits to the website. It not only improves site metrics but also enhances the user experience.

When search engines find that your websites have significant internal links. They will be more appreciated.

For example:

This article is talking about the keyword “WordPress SEO plugin“, but in this article there will be the secondary keyword “Content“, the keyword “Content” is Heading 3, it’s will be related to the keyword “inbound marketing” in the article, so, in part “3. Content” of the article, I have introduced the article, just you click on “What is inbound marketing and how to make inbound marketing in 2020“, it will lead you to that article, so I can have many people see the article “What is inbound marketing and how to make inbound marketing in 2020” more, the time customers visit on my site longer, my website is more appreciated.

Internal link:

Anchor text: What is inbound marketing and how to make inbound marketing in 2020

8. txt

The robots.txt file plays a very important role. It provides specific instructions for crawling web crawlers on your site. It also helps prevent Google from indexing some pages and images.

9. Sitemap

Sitemaps help search engines index your site more effectively. In order to cover all of your web pages and index them comprehensively, search engines need a sitemap.

10. Check 404 errors

404 errors are not only a nuisance for customers but also negatively affect your site’s ranking. 404 errors cause a high bounce rate.

That also means that if search engines see that visitors are quickly leaving your site in seconds, its algorithms will assume that users can’t find the information they searching and therefore your page will be removed from search results.

11. 301 redirection

Use 301 redirections to point all your HTTP URLs to HTTPS. This redirection will help search engines know that a website has been permanently moved to another web address.

301 Redirect Simple

301 Redirect website redirection

In this process, almost every SEO element such as juice link, reliability, … owned by the original page is passed.

12. Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Cards

Social content is emerging as an integral part of the new SEO strategy.

For example, you use google to search for an organization and search results pages will display Facebook and Twitter pages.

This indicates that users will be more attracted to social content than content on other websites.

Therefore, focus on social media tools like Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter Cards to improve your page rankings.

Along with that to get high rankings on search results pages, you should use good plugins for WordPress. Please join us to explore these plugins.

Top 4 best WordPress SEO plugins that integrate many features in one

#1. Yoast SEO (free / paid)

What is Yoast SEO?

What is yoast seo

Yoast SEO – SEO-friendly blog creation tool for WordPress

With more than 4.5 million downloads, rank an average of 4.7 stars with thousands of reviews. Yoast SEO is definitely one of the essential plugins for WordPress today.

In addition to improving SEO for your site in all aspects, this plugin for WordPress also helps optimize all techniques for the website. It is equipped with a lot of features to become a comprehensive plugin.

Yoast SEO Main function

  • Creating better content: The article preview will allow you to see what your website or post looks like in the search results.
  • Page Analysis: This feature will help check many factors such as page length, meta description, focus keywords, …
  • Topic Cluster 2019
  • Meta and link elements: With this plugin, you have the right to identify pages with or without a display on Google search results pages.
  • XML sitemaps: With the most advanced XML sitemaps, this plugin automatically creates XML sitemaps and notifies Google and Bing about its existence (instead of installing the Google XML Sitemaps plugin).
  • Social integration: Yoast SEO is equipped with OpenGraph Facebook deployment for SEO links and social media.
  • Multi-site compatibility: Unlike some other WordPress plugins, Yoast SEO is compatible with many websites.
  • Breadcrumbs: This unique feature allows you to develop easy navigation for search engines and users.


  • Integrating many features in an essential plugin for WordPress
  • Simple, fast and easy to use
  • Good features, effective


  • There are many security threats
  • Web page speed may be reduced when all features are activated at the same time

The ranking factors are emphasized by Yoast SEO

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards
  • Redirection
  • XML sitemaps

#2. SEOPressor (paid)


Over the past few years, Google has released a number of significant algorithms including Google Panda, Over-optimization and Google Penguin.

Unlike some current WordPress plugins wordpress still use the old technology. SEOPressor has been developed according to the latest Google algorithm trends.

Main function

  • Keyword SEO score: With this feature, you can monitor the SEO score of target keywords.
  • Optimized check: Sometimes webmasters use SEO tips for their website and are discovered by Google. SEOPressor will help you keep track of these activities.
  • LSI keywords: SEOPressor can measure your site’s semantic quality through its own proprietary formula called SemantiQTM. It makes this plugin capable of suggesting ways to enhance the signal for search engines.
  • Automatic smart linking: With this feature, you can automatically add links and keywords to increase average time on the site, reduce bounce rate, …
  • Dynamic crawler control: With SEOPressor, you can navigate web crawlers of search engines to index your website.


  • This is the best WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to focus on SEO your website effectively.
  • You will receive a refund in 60 days if not satisfied with this plugin.
  • Provide basic information about SEO.


  • There will be some difficulties in manipulating people who are just starting out.
  • Customer support is not good.
  • Negative impact on your blog.

Ranking factors are emphasized by SEPressor

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Social SEO
  • Images
  • Tags

# 3. SEO Ultimate (free/paid)

SEO Ultimate has the ability to import and export data from various sources including the best third party WordPress plugins.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is one of the best-ranked WordPress plugins in 2019

Main function

  • Deeplink Juggernaut: This feature allows you to set up keywords automatically. Seo Ultimate will automatically create internal links on your site.
  • Code Inserter: This allows you to add code to the header, footer, before and after content.
  • File editor: You can edit the robots.txt file directly in your WordPress control.
  • 404 monitor: It allows you to monitor 404 errors in your website.
  • Rich snippets: This section will make it easier for users to find your site from which visits also increase.
  • Social media optimizing: In order to optimize social media, SEO Ultimate will automatically create an open chart for your posts and website.
  • Title tag rewriter: With this feature, you can edit the title of the page, post as well as the categories.
  • Author Highlighter: This feature allows to display the author names of articles in search engines.


  • Provide many useful features
  • Customize permalinks for any custom taxonomies


  • Beginners will encounter some difficulties in manipulating
  • Updated features slowly

The ranking factors that SEO Ultimate focuses on

  • Keywords
  • Txt
  • Check 404 errors
  • Tags
  • Social SEO

# 4. Premium SEO Pack (paid)

Premium SEO Pack is one of the best WordPress plugins that are fully equipped with useful features including social sharing, image optimization, and SERP tracking.

This comprehensive vs high-quality plugin will give you everything to optimize your website.

premium seo pack

Main function

  • Backlink Builder: With this feature you can easily add your website to the directory of other websites.
  • W3C validator: This feature allows you to check markup of posts, pages, and custom taxonomies.
  • Page speed insights: It allows you to monitor the website speed of each post on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Monitor 404: With this feature, you can monitor 404 pages.
  • SEO friendly images: This feature automatically updates all relevant images and ALT attributes and titles.
  • Facebook Planner: You can post your content to Facebook with the help of this feature.


  • Provide video of sitemap
  • Mass analysis and optimization


  • Link builder is not on the same page as current SEO activities
  • No RSS settings

The ranking factors that Premium SEO Pack focuses on

  • Page speed
  • 404 monitoring
  • Social SEO
  • Sitemap
  • Title and meta settings

Top 7 SEO Plugin needed for WordPress

# 5. Org Rich Snippet (free) – Content optimization

All features in Rich Snippet is used to markup posts/pages with rich snippets. It provides search engines with accurate and important information to include in Rich Snippet.

This piece of information is highly interactive, contains images, authors, … helping your website stand out for higher rankings in SERPs.


Optimized content types

  • Event
  • Review
  • People
  • Recipe
  • Product
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Software Application


  • Easy to install
  • Free
  • Support many types of rich snippet


  • Lack of customization and design options
  • Do not provide markup support for local businesses

# 6. SEO Friendly Images (Free) – Optimize images

This best WordPress SEO plugin automatically updates all your images with ALT and TITLE attributes suitable for SEO purposes.

In case you have not installed ALT and TITLE attributes, this plugin will add options for you to easily choose.

By optimizing images, you can bring a huge amount of traffic from image search engines.

Main function

  • Category placeholders: Name of catalog, store, parent name
  • Product placeholders: Product name, classification, supplier, price
  • Blog placeholders: Post name and store
  • Brand placeholders: Brand and store


  • There is a lazy load feature that helps your website 50 – 70% faster
  • Easy to install
  • Free


The free version of SEO Friendly Images will not support some features. To use it you must upgrade to the premium version of SEO Friendly Images.

# 7. SEO by SQUIRRLY (Free/Paid) – content optimization

There are hundreds of the best WordPress SEO plugins that you can use to optimize SEO for your site. SQUIRRLY will help you eliminate the hazards in that optimal process.


This is the best WordPress SEO plugin in optimizing your content with certain keywords. It will help you check the most important details in content such as keywords that appear in the title, content, and URL.

Main function

  • The light turns green when you comply with the requirements.
  • The SEO settings have not been changed.
  • Watch every aspect of your content marketing strategy.
  • Track your progress weekly.
  • Suggest titles that match your SEO keywords.
  • Social intelligence helps you create better content.

The green color of Social intelligence will be good for you


  • SQUIRRLY provides specific instructions through features that help you to optimize the content.
  • Beginners can still easily know how to use


Some features do not appear in the free version. To be able to use it you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

#8. Redirection – Free


Redirection helps the webmaster to control errors about link 301, 404

This best WordPress SEO plugin helps you track 404 errors, processes and 301 redirects. This is especially useful if you change the WordPress installation directory or are moving pages from a previous site.

Main function

  • Custom ‘pass-through’ redirection allows you to transfer a URL to another website or file.
  • 404 error monitoring helps you capture 404 error logs and transfer them to 301 redirects.
  • You can redirect all URLs.
  • The statistic redirection informs you about the number of redirect times that happened, the time it occurred, …


  • Redirect is almost a popular thing in most websites and the best WordPress plugin allows you to manage this process from the WordPress dashboard you have.


  • Since it constantly scans your site for 404 errors, a lot of server resources are needed. That means your website speed is significantly reduced.
  • Customer support is not good.

# 9. AMP for WP (Free) – Technical

As the development of mobile devices grows, it is essential to make your website faster.


AMP for WP is a plugin that helps speed up websites when displayed on mobile devices

This best WordPress plugin SEO automatically adds acceleration functions on mobile devices to WordPress websites. Since then increase your website speed. With this plugin, you can speed up websites on mobile devices with just a few mouse clicks.

Main function

  • Custom AMP Editor allows you to add many different types of content, especially AMP.
  • Mobile redirection allows users to experience faster. From that increase traffic and reduce bounce rate.
  • Custom AMP FrontPage
  • Unlimited color (Unlimited color scheme)
  • Google Analytics support


  • Extremely good distribution
  • No need to require users to have knowledge of encryption
  • Integrated WooCommerce


  • Function is limited
  • Not easy to manipulate

#10. W3 Total Cache (Free / Paid) – Speed ​​Optimization

Website speed is what both Google and marketers value. The W3 Total Cache plugin helps to expand and maintain a large amount of traffic without encountering any problems.

W3 Total Cache

This best WordPress SEO plugin also enhances the user and SEO experience for your website by reducing download time and increasing website performance through integrated CDN (content distribution network).

Main function

  • Manage Transparent CDN with theme files, Media Library, and WordPress.
  • Compatible with dedicated/personal servers and shared hosting.
  • Support Mobile Pages acceleration
  • SSL support (Secure gateway layer)
  • Feed caching is stored on CDN or on disk


  • The W3 Total Cache provides detailed explanations for each of its features.
  • One of the best WordPress plugins for comprehensive web hosting provided by WordPress.


  • W3 Total Cache is not on the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins easy to use
  • The free version will not be fully supported

# 11. Remove Query Strings from Static Resources (Free) – Speed ​​Optimization

There are many tools for analyzing website speed such as GTmetrix, Google speed insights, etc. These tools will analyze and find out the reasons why your website speed is reduced. One of the reasons for this is query strings.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Although experts have provided many solutions to solve this problem. Perhaps the best solution to remove query strings is to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources. This best WordPress SEO plugin removes queries strings from CSS and JavaScript files from the header.

Main function

  • Special plugin for Linux server
  • Minimum PHP version 5.5 required


  • Can be used as a mu-plugin
  • Improve speed scores in tools like Pingdom, PageSpeed, YSlow, …


  • Lack of reviews and discussions to support
  • You need to consult the server or IT group before proceeding to install this good WordPress plugin.


Currently, there are hundreds of WordPress SEO plugins available on the web. The list of 11 plugins that I mentioned in this article are the most commonly used plugins. In particular, they are able to solve most problems encountered by many webmasters.

In case you are using many of the best WordPress SEO plugins at the same time, they are the cause of slowing down your website. Ideally, you should deactivate plugins that you don’t use often and reactivate them when needed.

Finally, if none of the best WordPress plugins in these plugins help improve your website rankings in SERPs, you should consider and switch to a better WordPress hosting provider.

Be smart, think actively and wisely in choosing.

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