What is Google Sandbox and how does it resolve it? Update 2020

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What is Google Sandbox?

Even if you do everything well, your website will not be able to achieve the desired rankings until that period passes.

There are things, this Sandbox phenomenon Google has never confirmed.

However, most SEOers still believe in existence on it because they notice some signs like sandbox described when embarking on new web SEO.

So, is the Sandbox rimmed in really in 2020?

If so, what would you do to Google not sandboxing your site?

This article is for you, beginners to create and prepare SEO for new websites.

Or are you suspicious of having sandboxed in the past few months since SEO keywords haven’t been up there yet?

I started talking about the past a little bit (my habit is always like finding sources, rules of constant principle … so is SEO).

Google Sandbox: A Brief History

Back in 2004, most webmasters and SEOers realized that during the first few months, despite the efforts of optimizing the SEO process on newly launched websites, it was still impossible to emerge. be in google rankings

These websites keep out of the top 100 on Google even though SEO on keywords is less competitive.

Although on other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, they already rank high.

They found this phenomenon (sandbox) lasting from several weeks to several months.

Google sandbox shareblogtips 1
The sandbox phenomenon lasts up to several months

You probably already know Google’s goal is to return results that best match user needs, right?

So when Google does not trust the new websites, it is reasonable to temporarily restrain them.

Rand Fishkin, Moz’s co-founder, has also revealed that Google has installed the sandbox on the Moz site somewhere 9 months although they have optimized the website for SEO with white hat methods.


SEOmoz is finally sandbox free for the first time since our move to this domain 9 months ago. We aren’t alone, either. Many folks had sites escape, and I’m happy for all of them. It looks like our 12,000+ all-natural links (never link built for this site, just link-baited) finally paid off.” – Rand Fishkin, Co-founder Moz

In 2014, one again recorded a major change from the sandbox when SEOers and website owners said that their new website is no longer ranked as fast as it used to be.

Google’s algorithm has improved dramatically, to prevent more severe spam.

Google update the wide-core algorithm in June 2019

Why Does Google Sandbox Exist?

Google Sandbox was born to ensure that search engine users get the best search results, and are not spammed by poor quality sites that rank high through spam or dark tricks.

Optimize search engine (SEO) too, including spam keyword on the site or create multiple outbound links or backlinks linked to other websites, especially those that the website owner owns.

Google has a huge advantage over other search engines, which is the superior fast index speed.

However, this is also a major drawback of this search engine. The quick index will create opportunities for spam links to be indexed quickly on SERP.

Therefore, if immediately using the penalty for spam cases such as permanently ban index, permanently not ranked, … then creating a monitored mode will be more suitable, because it can be not spam but being spammed or hacked.

SEO investors need to be aware that the Sandbox is not a permanent punishment of Google, this is an opportunity for spam and spam sites to look back on what is not consistent with Google’s criteria and beyond. is suitable for users’ needs.

However, if these spam conditions are not resolved and continue for a long time, the website may be penalized permanently.

The signs of website identification have been placed under Google Sandbox

  • Use the Google Webmaster Tool

You can check the website with Google Sandbox, not by Webmaster Tool itself:

  • Step 1: Access webmaster tool and select the website to check
  • Step 2: In the Search traffic section, select Manual tasks

The manual task is where Google’s announcement comes to the administrators of the website with the penalties that the website is suffering from Google.

If this section does not have any penalties, but the website is still almost losing index completely on SERP, it is very likely that the website has been stuck with Google Panda or Penguin algorithm.

  • Use search engines other than Google

You can use other search engines like Yahoo Search or Bing Search, then compare that search result with Google Search.

If your website has a relatively high ranking in the search engines, but completely missing about the first 300-500 websites of Google, it is highly likely that the website of the business has been included in the Sandbox by Google.

Does Google Deny the Existence of the Sandbox?

Of course, they do ?

Google sandbodiscuss on twiteer shareblogtips 3

But let’s dig a bit deeper.

Here’s John Mueller’s answer to the question about the sandbox effect from a recent Webmaster Hangout, streamed on Feb 23, 2018.

With regards to sandbox, we don’t really have this traditional sandbox that a lot of SEOs used to be talking about in the years past.

We have a number of algorithms that might look similar, but these are essentially just algorithms trying to understand how the website fits in with the rest of the websites trying to rank for those queries. […]

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google

It’s always kind of tricky in the beginning when we have a new website and we don’t quite know where we should put it.

How to cancel or shorten the sandbox time?

1️⃣ Get your website indexed quickly

Your website may have already gone live, however, it doesn’t start aging in the eyes of Google unless it is actually indexed by it.

To check if your website has been indexed by Google, you simply need to do a Google search. Just type “” to check how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google.

Check Google sandbox shareblogtips by Google search

If it has not been indexed yet, you need to get it done as soon as possible.

To speed up the process, you can register the domain on Google Search Console and submit your XML sitemap.

2️⃣ Traffic

Getting traffic to your website is very important, especially in its early days.

It is one factor that can help your website rank higher up and get out of Google Sandbox quickly.

To get more visitors to your website, you should consider posting regularly in forums and groups on Facebook.

How to cancel or shorten the sandbox time?

You can even try guest posting on other popular websites to drive traffic to your website and at the same time build a stronger backlink profile. You may also run ads on Facebook and other social media platforms to drive traffic.

3️⃣ GMB Verification


While GMB listings are key to any local website, they can also give national websites a boost.

Just make sure that it is not against Google’s policy to get a verified GMB listing for your niche.

In order to get your GMB verified, all you will need to do is ask Google to send a postcard to your home or office address.

Once the postcard arrives, you will type in the code found in the postcard and your address will be verified.

Keep in mind that you can also hide the address on Google Maps if your business does not want people visiting.

4️⃣ Social signals

Social signals Google sandbox shareblogtips

Social signals are important to gain the trust of Google because they indicate that your website is gaining popularity on social media platforms.

A great way of using social signals to your advantage is that of running Facebook ads.

You can publish an article on your blog and then run Facebook ads to drive traffic to it.

5️⃣ Choose long-tail keywords

Choose long-tail keywords

Google may not give you much traction for popular keywords earlier on when you are in the perceived Sandbox.

However, you may be able to rank well for long-tail keywords.

To do this, you will first need to do keyword research and check the competition for every long-tail keyword that you intend to target.

You can use tools such as Ubersuggest and SEMrush and WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO to do this.

It is also a good idea to conduct competitor research and go after the keywords that they are ranking for.

Using tools such as SEMrush, you can conduct competitor research by simply entering the URL of your competitor.

6️⃣ Build authority

“Google Shows Popular, Google doesn’t make you popular” – Google

Build authority Google sandbox shareblogtips

Google wants authoritative, trustworthy, and user-friendly content to rank on top.

As a new site, Google doesn’t know much about you because they don’t have enough data about your website.

So you should build authority and trust in the eyes of Google and users. Google will trust you if your site has good user-metrics, links, mentions from high-authority and relevant sites, and brand queries for your site.

You should build more authority for your site.

Don’t be too aggressive.

7️⃣ Focus on quality than quantity.

You may want to see your website high up in the SERPs. However, if you become too aggressive in promoting your website and link building, Google may see it as spam.

You should try to acquire premium links for your new site.

Only a few but premium links can change the picture.

Ideally, you shouldn’t build a huge number of links in a short period of time.

Moreover, you should drip-feed the found ational links that you’ve built.

Don’t optimize your anchor text too much, it’s preferable to keep it under-optimized.

Lastly, make sure that you get good enough social signals.

It’s a good idea to give your website a slow and steady start. This will help it grow and prosper in the long run and will help in building more trust with Google.

Once Google trusts you more, you can become slightly more aggressive in your link building methods.

8️⃣ Purchase an active website

One of the easiest ways of avoiding Google Sandbox is that of purchasing a website that is already active.

You can do so by spending a decent sum of money on a website that has decent traffic and has been online for quite some time but has hardly any income.

Using tools such as Flippa, you can find websites which are already active and then can purchase and repurpose them to fit your requirements.

Moreover, purchasing an already active website can help you figure out the power that the domain has by checking which keywords the website already ranks for.

Is Google Sandbox still affecting sites in 2020?

There are many SEOs out there who claim that their website ranks high up in the search results within just a month of launching.

On the other hand, there are other SEOs who believe that there is definitely some force that is stopping their websites from ranking in the search results during their first few months.

Is Google Sandbox still affecting sites in 2020?

However, through our study, we found that even a new website can rank higher up in searches within a short time period.

We launched our blog website in June 2018 and within just four months we managed to reach the first page of search results.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is a huge fluctuation in the average position graph. This was the time when Google started collecting data about our website.

You can notice from the chart that after two months, there was a consistent increase in the rankings.

We got the 9.5 average positions for the whole site in Google Search Console.

We also ranked a few other sites with higher volume keywords in less than six months. So, according to our research, Google Sandbox is a myth.

With consistent efforts, you can rank high up in SERPs in a short duration.


Sandbox is really a big barrier for new websites.

Although Google has never had any official announcement about this phenomenon, Google naturally has no confidence in the newly established websites!

However, beginners who create and prepare SEO for new websites can still break or shorten the sandbox time by improving the following four main elements: content, traffic, trust and even competitive keywords in different markets. Since then, the website will know how to get right into the eye of Google.

What do you think about Google Sandbox and what is the best way of getting out of the Google Sandbox? Let us know in the comments ?

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