Yoast SEO: Everything you need to know about it | 2020 updated

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Speaking of SEO, there will be Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO.

If Offpage SEO is the work of link building, signaling from other websites pointing back, Onpage SEO is the optimal journey on your own website to fit, friendly with the Google search engine. .

In the article about top 10 basic WordPress plugins you need to install for the website, I mentioned the Yoast SEO plugin.

This is a completely free but extremely powerful Onpage SEO optimization tool. It has a lot of cool features that help you to optimize your site to be appreciated under the eyes of bots from Google.

This article I will guide you in detail how to install and use this plugin.

What is the Yoast SEO?

Basically, Yoast SEO is one of the most effective and popular tools on WordPress. Whether you are building a personal blog site or an SEO expert who manages websites for customers, Yoast is always an effective tool to optimize website SEO properly.


Yoast SEO – SEO friendly blog creation tool for WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin can be installed on any WordPress site (except for free WordPress blogs).

This is one of the easy-to-use and completely free WordPress SEO plugins. You can still buy Yoast SEO premium to get all the other features. But most important features are included in the free Yoast.

Yoast SEO supports title checking, meta description, Yoast SEO sitemap management and many other things related to SEO.

Today’s article will guide A to Z on how to install and use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Download and install Yoast SEO plugin

If you don’t have Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, install it now!

On the left side of the Dashboard admin page select Plugins -> Add new

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 1

Select Add New to find and install Yoast SEO plugin

Here will display a list of the most popular and favorite plugins. Using the search bar, type Yoast SEO directly to get faster results.

Typing “Yoast SEO” in the search bar is faster!

After finding the Yoast SEO plugin, click Install Now. WordPress will download, install and ask you to activate the plugin.

Activate and install successfully, you will see more “SEO” options on the sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the admin dashboard and vertical menu bar on the top of the screen.

After installing Yoast SEO, there will be more SEO items on the sidebar

Downloading and installing Yoast SEO is extremely simple but you need a few operations to set up the feature. If you are new to Yoast SEO, it is quite a bit hard. But trust me, your efforts are worth it.

Because the Yoast settings on each page are not the same, I’ll cover each one individually.

Set up Yoast SEO

General setting

After activating the plugin, look at the left hand column in the wp-admin dashboard and you will see the SEO section with the Yoast symbol as shown. There are a total of 5 items to configure according to the purpose of use.

We will click on General to get to the overview setting interface for the website.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 2

Here you see 3 main tabs: Dashboard, Features and Webmaster Tools

At the default Dasboard tab after installation is complete there will be no notice to note. Features tab, I will turn On – Off on the items as shown, note I will explain immediately below.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 3
  • SEO Analytics: Yoast will analyze the content on the page you publish & have a green or red checklist below the editor area of ​​the page so you can see the content and title, description of that page. Which topic needs more optimization.
  • Readability analytics: Yoast will evaluate the readability or difficulty of the content you present on the page. This is not necessary because my usual routine is not to write long paragraphs, 2-3 lines and then the paragraph is easy to read.
  • Cornerstone content: This feature allows you to mark the content on which pages / posts are the most valuable, on-site content for easy tracking on onpage issues of that post / page.
  • Text link counter: Indicates how many internal links are on the page or post.
  • XML sitemaps: Add XML sitemaps to index websites for search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.
  • Ryte integration: Find out if the website is in Google’s index.
  • Admin bar menu: Turn on if you want to add Yoast dropdown menu in wp-admin interface.
  • Security no advanced settings for authors: Turn on to prevent authors from arbitrarily removing your posts from search results, changing the original URLs of articles and only allowing users to act as editors or real administrators does this.

Then click Save changes to save the settings just made.

In the Webmaster Tools section, we will add our website to Google’s Webmaster Tools. Click the Google Search Console link displayed by Yoast to be taken to the Google Search Console interface.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 4

Go to the interface of Google Search Console, select the HTML tag method.

We will get the code in the quotation marks that we marked on the image to paste into the Google Verification Code box in the Yoast interface on the website.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 5

Go back here, paste it into the correct Google box, and then click Save changes

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 6

After clicking save changes, open the Google Search Console tab and click verify. Immediately receive the following message that you have successfully added the website to Webmaster tools.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin 8

Search Appearance

Next, I instructed you to set up the Search Appearance section, also starting with the sequence of tabs from left to right.


Here we just need to set the title separator and customize the title and meta for the homepage if you use your own homepage, not the default homepage of the theme.

Search Appearance YOAST SEO

Note that if you want the title to show up in the search engine results (SERP) or when you hover over the tab that opens the article in the browser, then behind the title we will have a tagline. Often use the brand name for the tagline after this title.

Content Types

Go to the content types tab you set for posts and then pages as shown.

  • Show Posts in search results: select Yes to display the posts that you have posted to google search results.
  • Date in Snippet Preview: Select Show to display the date you published the post. Users often prefer to read fresh content, which will increase the click rate on posts.
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box: Displays meta description of the post.
  • Under the SEO title structure, you set the elements as shown: Title, then Seperator, then Site title.
  • Meta Description: You can either write your own for optimization or use the% Excerpt% structure, and Yoast will automatically extract excerpts from your content to make the meta description.
What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - meta description

The setting for the page is similar, only note that you will turn off the Date in Snippet of Page because it is not necessary.

Then click Save changes to save the changes just made.


Go to the Media tab, every time you upload images or videos, wordpress will generate a unique URL for each image / video but these links are not valuable to users (readers), so you should choose Yes to have Yoast redirect these links to the original file itself.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - media



Choose yes if you want to display the category page in google search results, but if you want to display this page in search results, then you should start with a little content on the page to avoid being underestimated by google as a page without content.
SEO Title: Choose according to the structure “Stamp Title Seperator Site Title” ie “Category name then separator then site title”

Meta Description: Choose Excerpt if you have not manually optimized the meta for the category page.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - taxanomy

Tags: With the tags you pay attention to select No, do not show the tags page for google search results, adversely affecting SEO.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - tag

Format: Select Disabled to hide unnecessary pages from the search engine results such as tags, format, porfolio category, etc.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - format

Category URL

It is recommended to select Remove to not display the category name of the article in the post link for more effective onpage SEO.

Archives: With the Author archives section, note:

  • If you make a brand website, you can turn off Author archives (As shown below)
  • If you make a personal website, you can turn on and optimize the title when showing up Google results.

For Date Archives you should not show it in search results or turn it off.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - 01


Breadcums can be understood as a link displayed above the article to let you know where you are in the website you’re visiting. For example it is the entire region:

You should enable breadcums so that the search engine understands our website structure so that the website has more chances to be displayed in high results to users because there is a topic that matches their search query.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - Breadcums


The last of the search appearance settings is the RSS Feed.

You only need to install it as shown in the structure you have prepared and do not care too much about this RSS Feed, this is how your post is displayed on the RSS Feed.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - RSS

Search Console

Connect Yoast with Google Search Console to promptly detect errors in the website such as: Broken links, indexing errors, posts changing paths, deleted posts, redirect links, etc.

Do the following, click Get Google Auth Code

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - search console

The interface appears for you to copy the code as shown, remember to copy and paste it back into the Authenticate box in Yoast

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - search console 1

Then paste here and then click Authenticate is done the process of connecting Yoast with Search Console

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - search console 2


Set up Social information so that Yoast can get your social media accounts data, so that you can optimize the sharing from the website article on how social media pages look. Is the title, description, thumbnail, etc. appropriate?

Accounts tab

You enter the URL / user of the existing social channels here

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - social


Select enable to be able to customize the display of a certain post / page when sharing on Facebook with specially designed thumbnail images, appropriate sizes and customized title information, description. All will be set in the meta box below the post editor.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - facebook

Under Default Settings, you can upload the website’s brand banner in case you forget to customize your own thumbnail for certain page / post, then the shared URL on facebook will take this image as a thumbnail.

Tools – Yoast SEO

The fifth and final setting of Yoast is the Tools section.

What is YOAST SEO and how to use YOAST SEO plugin - tool

Yoast’s Tools support the following 3 pretty useful jobs

  • Import & Export: Helps you easily import & export existing settings from other SEO support plugins to Yoast and vice versa.
  • File editor: Support to edit system files such as robots.txt, .htaccess quickly
  • Bulk editor: Support to quickly edit the titles and descriptions of many posts and pages without having to go to the editor of each page / post to manipulate.


Above is all the knowledge from A – Z that I want to share with you about SEO By Yoast: How to install, how to use Yoast WordPress SEO and the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin – A powerful support tool for WordPress. Are you still wondering Yoast SEO?

If you have any sharing or questions about the setup and use of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Leave your comments below!

Above, I have gone through all the features and settings you need to configure for the latest version of Yoast right after installing this plugin for your wordpress site.

The support from Yoast only helps your site to have a good framework, and is valid for essential onpage standards from Google, does not mean the commitment to help your site rank high in search results automatically. course.

For high rankings, I recommend that you use Yoast as a supplement, while focusing primarily on the quality of the content you create.

You can start to install and practice Yoast SEO plugin configuration. If you encounter any difficulties, please leave a comment I will support as soon as possible.

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