Wix vs WordPress, which one should you choose to build a website in 2019? ?

Surely you’ve read a lot of documents, compared Wix with WordPress, but still vague and wondering what to choose.

Don’t be too nervous and confused by the benefits that both Wix and WordPress bring

Both WordPress and Wix are the simplest and the most recognized platforms for everyone who wants to create a website even if they haven’t got an idea on how to code and craft website designs.

Let’s watch the battle in 12 rounds to know Wix vs WordPress, which is the best choice for you.


Wix vs WordPress Battle in 12 Round – Choose Your Best Solution

First of all, we would like to make clear of what are Wix and WordPress before explaining the main difference between those. It’s easy to understand that they are both website builder tools and can be compared to Apple and Windows.

There are many platforms to create websites. But in short, we divided it into two specific ways: one is to use s website builder and the other is to use content management system (CMS). Wix is a good example of type 1, while WordPress can be considered typical of type 2.

Now, you need to know the main differences between these two platforms. The most basic difference of website builder and CMS is that CMS is a self-hosted product. This means that when using Wix, your site will use the hosting provider Wix. When using WordPress, you can bring your website to any hosting provider.

So, what is Wix?

Basically, Wix is a form of the website builder. This means that it provides the necessary tools to build the web easily, without you touching a single line of code. It uses an intuitive interface and built-in elements or blocks to organize into a web page


Over the years, this kind of website building tool has grown tremendously, because it has an easy-to-use web-based interface for beginners without having to program. But there are certain limitations when using the website builder editor, we will say more clearly in the comparison for you to know.

However, in 2019, with the improvement of its features and promotion on most multinational media, Wix showed its ambition to dominate the website creation market.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress theme

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites.

Understand a simple way, WordPress is a rough house, if you want to make that house more beautiful, more luxurious, more comfortable, you can make a table, chair, decorate yourself or if you can not or if you don’t want to do it, you can go to the market to buy it, your house can completely look like you want.

What is WordPress

On a slightly more technical level, WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website – like content – without needing to know anything about programming. The end result is that WordPress makes building a website accessible to anyone – even people who aren’t developers. It is super flexible and can be extended by using plugins and themes. Just like themes, there are thousands of free and premium plugins available for you to use. Not only these plugins can add extra functionality to WordPress, there are lots of plugins which can add a whole new platform to your WordPress site but requires more technical knowledge in order to do amazing things in your own way.

Wix vs WordPress? Which one is better? ?

Two years ago, if you’d asked me what the best platform was for building your website, “WordPress!” is a top of mind no matter what the purpose of the site in question: Blog, Business site, Portfolio, eCommerce,…

Nowadays, however, the landscape has evolved and there are a number of new players on the field. Younger players. More agile players. More purpose-driven players. One of them is Wix so “WordPress” is not the only option.

They’re both great, but they’re actually very different. Wix has soared in popularity in recent years, and boasts a ton of celebrity fans including Karlie Kloss. WordPress, meanwhile, powers a third of the websites live today such as Coca Cola France, Microsoft, Sony, Vogue, CNN, Forbes,…


Today, we’ll figure out which platform is best — the Wix vs. WordPress comparison that’s been a long time coming. We’ve put together this handy guide that digs into 11 key areas:

  1. Wix vs WordPress pricing and cost
  2. Easy to use
  3. Design and customize in Wix vs WordPress
  4. Flexibility
  5. Speed
  6. Apps and Plugins.
  7. Wix vs WordPress: Is WordPress or Wix better for Woocommerce?
  8. Wix vs WordPress: Which one is better for blogging?
  9. SEO: Is WordPress or Wix better for SEO?
  10. Data Portability Options in Wix vs WordPress
  11. Ongoing Maintenance: How Much Housekeeping Is Required?
  12. Help and Support: Which Is Better For Additional Assistance?

Note: This article compares Wix vs Self Hosted WordPress.org NOT WordPress.com. See the difference between self-hosted WordPress.org vs WordPress.com sites.

1. Wix vs WordPress: Pricing & Cost

Certainly, the most important thing when choosing a website builder to build a website, the factor of the cost of developing and maintaining is the most concerned factor.

Both of them have either for free or costly. The difference is the total costs of developing and maintaining your site will entirely depend on your plan of using the website.

Wix pricing

Wix offers a basic website builder for free. However, there are two major downsides to it. First, it adds Wix branded advertisements on the top and bottom of your website. Second, you cannot use a custom domain name for your site, so your website address will be: username.wix.com/sitename

Apart from that, the basic plan does not offer necessary add-ons such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. To remove ads and get additional features from their apps market, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the premium plans they offer.

Each Wix premium plan has different storage and bandwidth limitations. You can pay monthly or choose a yearly plan.With Wix, the prices are clear and paid monthly, yearly or bi-yearly as:

wix pricing

So, if you want a bussiness site, blog,… the best value plans on Wix is the Unlimited plan ($12.50 / month), and if you want an eCommerce store, then you need the eCommerce plan ($16.50 / month), you lose 150 for one year, and 192 for a small sales website. This cost does not include any apps that you later choose to buy from the Wix app market to use on your website.

Just like that, imagine how long your website will last and how much will it cost you?

WordPress pricing

The WordPress software is open source and currently available for free for any users. WordPress hosting is the first and basic thing you need to pay for. It has several WordPress hosting providers that you can choose from $2.75 to $29 monthly.

Prices can quickly add up if you use premium WordPress themes or plugins. But, there are thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available that you can use to reduce costs. You can add any feature to your WordPress site using a plugin without upgrading your hosting plan.

You can completely proactively cost in the process of building a website for you, if you have less budget, you only need a very cheap hosting cost with lots of providers from only $ 1, remaining, please Use completely free plugins and themes from the community. On the other hand, if you have a lot of budget, you can completely build everything to your liking, make it perfect and creative in your own way.

For more information, see our guide on Top 10 free themes for WordPress blog 2019

? Round 1: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 0 – 1

WordPress beats Wix with flexible plans available from a variety of web hosting companies. The cost depends on how much resources you use, and you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want.

2. Is WordPress or Wix ease of use?

Most people choose to use Wix and WordPress because they want to create their own website without having to hire people or don’t need to know too much about programming, Both Wix and WordPress allow you to create websites without learning to code, and very very easy to use.

wix vs wordpress battle in 12 rounds

Does Wix is easy to use?

Wix is actually one of the easiest website builders to build a website with their editor is completely drag and drop, and super intuitive, especially for complete beginners. If you want to add more functionalities, you also have their App Market that lets you install features in one click.

If you want to add more functionalities, you also have their App Market that lets you install features in one click.

how to use wix

Does WordPress is easy to use?

Similar to Wix, WordPress is also a website that allows users to easily create their own website, its themes, and plugins, but they’re not always that easy to install or implement, It requires a bit of knowledge of learning curve for beginners. Similarly, the whole software requires a tiny bit of technical knowledge, or at least the ability to follow some tutorials. And when things go wrong (not if), finding the fix can also become a bit of an issue. WordPress is doing its best to move into a more user-friendly direction with the Gutenberg update that added a building block editor. But it’s still far away from being as easy as Wix.


? Round 2: The winner is Wix: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 1

Wix completely wins the ease of use, users don’t need to know too much, just drag and drop to create the content that users want.

However, if users have a bit of knowledge and understanding of WordPress, users can make much more amazing things than what Wix can do.

3. Wix vs WordPress: Design and Customize

Wix templates: Design & Customize

Wix almost has everything you need for design and customize, you just need to create your own look or customize it based on the templates available with more than 500 designed templates such as business, e-commerce, hobbies, arts & crafts, personal, etc. All Wix designs are fully responsive and written in HTML5.

how to use wix

One big disadvantage is that once you have selected a template, you cannot change it. You can modify it and customize it as much as you want using only the built-in tools, but you cannot switch to another template.

WordPress templates: Design & Customize

With WordPress, if you know CSS and HTML, or if you don’t mind spending a few hours working out how to modify your template’s code – you can get exactly the website you want.

There are thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress. Free themes come with limited support, but they also go through a strict review process. Paid themes generally offer more features and come with premium support options.

Users can download free themes from WordPress.org directory. For paid themes, there are several WordPress theme shops like Themeforest, Themify, CSSIgniter, StudioPress, and more, they usually cost between $19 to $60 (Themeforest market), and most of them are responsive.


Furthermore, you can hire a developer or learn to create a completely custom theme for your company.

? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 2

As analyzed above, although Wix is ready to support you with up to 500 templates, you can easily customize, however, once you have chosen a certain topic, you cannot change to one. other threads.

In contrast, WordPress is more diverse, not limited by anything. WordPress users can also easily switch themes or customize them as much as they want without any restrictions.

4. Flexibility

Depending on your website’s purpose, you may need to consider future expansion and the ability to scale up to meet additional demands as your business grows.


Although Wix offers tools for creating and running a fully functional website, it may not include all the features you need to accommodate growth. Wix is fully hosted, which means that its shared platform allows storage and bandwidth among Wix users, depending on the hosting plan they have purchased. This could be a problem for a site that experiences a sudden surge in traffic or needs more resources to run secondary applications.

Wix also limits a user’s options for customizing the site. Although Wix users have access to hundreds of well crafted templates for setting up a site, it isn’t possible to import one from an outside source. And although Wix allows users to add extra functions by choosing from its library of “applications” (analogous to plugins in WordPress), users may have to pay additional monthly fees to use them and, again, they are limited to only those applications provided by Wix itself.


One reason for the enduring popularity of WordPress is its virtually limitless versatility. Once the core WordPress code is installed, users can draw from the official WordPress theme and plugin directories, as well as from the products of developers worldwide to customize their site, and add features to meet its unique needs.


WordPress makes it easy to switch themes as a site’s identity changes and to add and delete plugins as needed. Also, while WordPress users don’t need to know to code in order to set up and run a site, those with development skills can fine-tune WordPress even more by working with the core code, as well as theme and plugin files to fine tune the site’s appearance and features.

? Round 4: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 3

If you plan to develop a website in the future or expand it, surely WordPress will be more suitable for you because of its flexibility.

5. Wix Speed vs WordPress Speed, which is faster?

It’s a bit hard to compare WordPress vs Wix in terms of speed because each platform actually has a different host location. However, let’s look at the main differences.

As we said above, Wix is ​​also a web host. That means you are paying for website builder and hosting services together. Wix does not allow editing to improve website speed.

Instead, the platform will do everything necessary for the website to run as fast as possible, at least in theory. During our testing, we found that Wix has a very good page loading time, thanks to their automated image optimization technology and CDN.


So, Wix is ​​a good choice if you’re someone who doesn’t want to worry about website performance. The downside is that because you do not have control over this, you will not actually improve much for website speed when you need it, but in the situation that it is “okay to use it”.

With WordPress, you can use any hosting package. So you can learn to choose the most suitable package, based on the intended resources for the website. Hostinger’s web hosting package is not limited, has high speed support right from the lowest package and has more control over Wix’s Premium package.

Moreover, you can speed up more thoroughly for WordPress website. This CMS does not have image optimization and CDN integration available, so you need to add it by installing plugins like WP Smush

Wordpress vs wix test speed

? Round 5: The winner is WordPress:Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 4

In short, if you take the effort to optimize WordPress, WordPress will be more than Wix in speed. If done well, WordPress will always make sure your site runs fast.

6. Wix Apps and WordPress Plugins

Plugins and Apps are third-party extensions that you can use add more features in your platform. Wix calls them apps, and in WordPress ecosystem, they are called plugins.

Wix has an Apps Market that offers 250 free and paid apps so you can add a lot more function in Wix website such as adding contact forms, gallery, comments, social media buttons, email marketing, etc.

Wix Apps

These Apps are fully integrated, so you don’t have to worry about installation. Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t provide a good solution for everything. Even though there is a limited collection of apps, they cover most commonly requested features by site owners.

wix apps

WordPress Plugins

If Wix is a lake, WordPress is an ocean with over 55,000+ plugins which have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times. Based on an open-source platform, WordPress allows programmer or coder to create their own themes or plugins for others to purchase or download for free. A lot of plugins can satisfy every requirement, but you might need a tiny bit of technical knowledge to update/install them and build a website of your dreams.


Along with a feature, you can easily find free version and fee version on wordpress or on markets like Codecanyon, and you can choose a lot of suppliers.


? Round 6: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 5

WordPress easily beats Wix in this area as well. Even though Wix’s app library is growing, it is still limited in comparison to the huge choice available to WordPress users.

7. E-commerce: Is WordPress or Wix better for Woocommerce?

Online business is so familiar in our lives and quickly growing day by day. So, selling things online is another important feature that almost beginners look for.

Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce is only offered on their premium plans. It is understandable that without the upgrade to a paid plan, you cannot run your eCommerce store in the free version. Even if upgraded, the payments are accepted only by using Paypal or Authorize.net. For small store, it will be ok with Wix.


WordPress E-Commerce

WordPress eCommerce plugins are more advantages. It even has dedicated themes and add-on plugins. Especially is WooCommerce, which has made a big note in this game and powers more than 42% of all e-commerce websites in the world. The plus is that it’s free, however, you do have to pay for extra features to make your business website more modernizable and more optimizable. No matter the size of your business, WordPress eCommerce will satisfy you.

Wordpress ecommecre templates

? Round 7: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 6

For a small store, you’ll be ok with Wix. But if you are ambitious about your ecommerce or just want a full-featured solution, WordPress + Woocommerce is hard to beat.

8. Blogger: Which one is better for blogging?

Many users are looking for an easier platform to start blogging. Wix and WordPress both can be used to create blogs. Let’s take a look at which one does it better.

Wix for blogger

Wix allows you to easily add a blog section to your website. It has all the basic blogging features you’ll commonly use.

For example, categories and tags, photo and videos, archives, etc.

Wix blog editor

However, it does not have a native commenting system like WordPress. Instead, it uses Facebook comments and those comments are not portable.

It also lacks several features like featured images, backdating posts, creating private posts, and more.


The writing interface for blog posts is not the same as Wix website builder. Instead, it uses a plain text editor which is very limited in terms of formatting options.

WordPress for blogger

WordPress started out as a blogging platform and evolved into a full-blown website builder. Today it powers nearly 33% of all websites.

It has all the blogging features you will need like a native commenting system and all other advanced features that are missing from Wix.

Editing blog posts in WordPress

Editing blog posts in WordPress

It comes with the powerful Gutenberg block editor which allows you to create beautiful layouts for your blog posts.

Most importantly, you can extend your blog using plugins and add any feature that you can think of.

? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 7

WordPress totally outshines Wix as a blogging platform. Wix blogs are too basic and lacks several important features. If you are thinking about starting a blog, then Wix doesn’t even come close to WordPress.

9. SEO: Is WordPress or Wix better for SEO?

Wix for SEO

Wix Announces Launch of SEO Wiz Tool and Google Search Console Integration (PRNewsfoto/Wix.com Ltd.)

Both Wix and the standard WordPress offer comprehensive options for SEO. Both standard versions will enable users to:

  • Add Alt tags to images
  • Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Easily connect to Bing Webmaster, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.
  • Quick Site Map Generation
  • Shortened URLs
  • Customize your page titles, headings, and meta descriptions

WordPress for SEO

Most Of the points mentioned above in the Wix Vs WordPress for SEO features are classified as on-page SEO. In terms of the ‘off-page’ SEO capabilities of both, they are not created equal, and this is where WordPress edges into the lead compared with Wix. Because there are many add-ons for WordPress sites, the ability to drill down to a granular level of SEO lies only within the WordPress platform. Both do on-page SEO in line with current SEO requirements. However, only WordPress gives you a suite of add-ons that can really help you to understand and influence the SEO performance of your website. Not to mention the Premium Plugin Yoast. Just the best SEO Plugin for WordPress on the planet.


Other things which can impact the SEO rankings of your site are the speed of your website and the advanced capability you can get to via your ‘advanced options’ setting control. This is particularly important when search engines crawl, block, or index your website. A lot of SEO plugins support WordPress, among them can be mentioned SEO Pack.

SEO Pack for WordPress SEO

? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 8

Easy to see, in the battle of SEO, Wix completely knocked out by WordPress, hoping that in the future, Wix will have significant improvements to support users not only in creating websites but also helping they optimize the website for this war to be more balanced

10. Data Portability Options in Wix vs WordPress

Data portability allows you the freedom to move your content away when you need it. Let’s take a look at how Wix and WordPress help you move your content away if you need.

Data portability options in Wix

Wix comes with very limited options to move your content to another platform. You can only export your blog posts in XML format. You’ll have to manually download your pages, images, videos, and other content.

According to Wix documentation, all your content is hosted exclusively on Wix’s servers and cannot be exported elsewhere.

Data portability options in WordPress

WordPress makes it extremely easy to export your content. It comes with a one-click exporter that allows you to download your content in XML format.


Exporting your WordPress site

Since it is a self-hosted platform, you can also create complete WordPress backups, download your media files, and even manually export your WordPress database.

You can then easily move your WordPress site to a new host if you are not satisfied with your current WordPress hosting company.


? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 1 – 2

WordPress is a lot better when it comes to downloading and moving your data. Wix, on the other hand, makes it quite difficult to move your content away.

11. Ongoing Maintenance: How Much Housekeeping Is Required?

How much does it cost to maintain Wix?

As discussed, Wix is a “closed” system so they handle and manage all the performance and security updates for you, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of building websites.

All this is managed by Wix in the background, so you don’t have to click any update buttons, or worry if the updates of certain tools may cause conflicts with other tools.

Having all this managed for you frees up your time to focus on other things that are more important to you.

How much does it cost to maintain WordPress?

Similar to Wix, WordPress is continually updating its platform to fix bugs and improve security. When updates need to be deployed, you will receive an alert on your WordPress dashboard. You simply have to click the update button.

That is the easy part. The challenging part is that when WordPress updates, your theme and plugins will also need to be updated as well, so they remain compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

While a lot of theme and plugin builders will also update to remain compatible, a lot won’t (especially for free themes & plugins). This can expose your website to user, performance or security issues.

So with WordPress, you will need to be aware of ongoing maintenance work as it is not uncommon for certain functions to “break” when WordPress has updates.


? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 2 – 9

12. Help and Support: Which Is Better For Additional Assistance?

Wix support

Wix offers phone support and has good forums. You can also find Wix articles and tutorials that are particularly helpful for beginners. For the very technical questions, you might expect a bit of back and forth, but they will get to the right answer eventually.

wix support forum

WordPress support

WordPress has a gigantic community forumwhere users have posted millions of questions in search of answers.

While a lot of questions are answered (but not necessarily effectively resolved), a lot of questions are not answered at all. Also, getting an answer might take days as a lot of the moderators are volunteers, so they are under no obligations to answer your questions right away.

Wordpress support forum

The main issue is that there are huge volumes of questions being posted, and a lot of the questions have been discussed before in other threads. So if you post a question, it might be ignored as it has been asked in the past. You may have to dig through volumes of forum postings to find some sort of answer to your question.

As mentioned above, no one is really obligated to answer your question unless you pay for it. And given WordPress.org and a lot of its plugins are free, getting someone to address your concerns can be difficult (unless you hire a good WordPress developer to help you or you pay for a theme or plugin, the creators will include support as part of the cost (support is limited to their theme or plugin of course).

Codecanyon support

? Round 3: The winner is WordPress: Wix vs WordPress: 3 – 9

After 12 rounds, we have the final result with the victory of WordPress with the score 9 – 3, so Wix vs WordPress? Is WordPress better than Wix? ?

Many people think Wix is ​​a platform for beginners. But now it has grown and become stronger thanks to the following advantages:

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Designed to help create compelling websites with website creation using a convenient interface.
  • Automatic security and optimal performance.
  • The platform has integrated applications from 3rd parties and supports good customization.

How about WordPress? There is a reason why WordPress is the largest CMS on the planet. The reasons for WordPress’s superiority are:

  • An easy-to-use platform for newbies, but also supports many features for experienced programmers.
  • The platform is infinitely scalable, thanks to its open source nature and a huge variety of themes and plugins.
  • There are many options for managing large amounts of content.
  • You have full control over security, performance and hosting features.

Creating a website will, of course, take effort, but if you choose a suitable platform, this process will be more interesting than you think. Wix, help you create websites quickly, thanks to its powerful and intuitive page builder tool. But, you will have trouble using it for a high-end or special feature project. Therefore, research using WordPress will be better because surely your effort is not much compared to what you create in the future.

wix vs wordpress

Wix and WordPress both aim to serve different sets of customers yet cater for them both well. With WordPress, you will never get a free site that offers any of the working features you need to be able to run a business online. However, there is a free site that is available with Wix. However, if your business grows and your company needs more features on the website, you might find yourself looking elsewhere, if you are with Wix. Remember content you create in Wix is considered their content. This means that you are never fully in control of your data.

With WordPress, it is all very flexible, and you are free to do with your own data however you choose. WordPress is superiorb you gain access to the benefits of thousands of plugins that can instantly boost the functionality, design, and appearance of your website. It also allows for you to benefit from the latest and greatest technological advancements as people develop apps more for WordPress than for Wix.

So it is hard to compare between WordPress vs Wix because basically they use different infrastructure. However, After watching the 12-match battle between Wix vs WordPress, now you have enough information to make a choice.

What do you think about this battle between Wix vs WordPress? Share your opinion in the comment section below! ? ? ?

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